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Short Stories


A personal project to spark a short story community, where you can find the right story for the time you need to fill ... wherever, whenever!


Bromley Christian Centre

A vibrant church serving its community locally, internationally and digitally. Expanding their digital offerings they are able to reach and provide help for more people.

Museum of the Mind

Bethlem Museum of the Mind

Bethlem Royal Hospital was founded in 1247 and was the first institution in the UK to specialise in the care of the mentally ill. Who better to tell of its story than Bethlem Museum of the Mind.

Chain of Betters

Western Union

Moving money to sponsor ideas and initiatives to create opportunities in communities around the world.


I help brands and agencies build successful websites and online applications, with a focus on user experience and performance optimisation. I am dedicated to developing efficient solutions which add value to my clients.

I’m devoted to best practice and the small detail - I know that every pixel matters. I like to make sure a user has the same or very similar experience no matter what browser or device they use. I like to be close to the action from conception to completion, as it allows me to contribute ideas as well as sharing the journey through close client interaction.

I’ve been fortunate to have worked on projects for large organisations and global clients, delivering quality work through creative problem solving, planning and efficient programme management.

My passion for usability and performance optimisation grew after spending time with material from Jakob NielsenDonald NormanNicole SullivanChristian Heilmann, Yahoo Developer Network and Google as well as studying how sites like Facebook and Google handle their processes, high usage and create the best user perception. I have gone on to be a best practice evangelist, introducing techniques and processes into each company I have been with.

I am constantly updating and refining how I work when faced with new problems and new technologies. I continue to learn and play around with new technology to make sure I am able to provide the best solutions.

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