The online home of Nathan Reed; front-end developer, best practice evangelist and #craftcms developer.

Sustainable Salons

A big hairy mission to make the world better.

By choosing a Sustainable Salon you’re helping cut salon waste for good. And that’s just the beginning.

Short Stories

Stories Unfold.

Connecting writers with a new audience, and readers with new short stories.


Caretta is named for the Loggerhead Turtle — the spirit of Juno Beach

Enjoy a modern lifestyle at a premiere location just steps from the ocean. Caretta is a retreat of refined comfort, from our rooftop infinity pool & spa to our unique approach to indoor/outdoor living.

The Growth Drivers

Transform your obstacles and opportunities into impact that lasts

Helping companies overcome logistical challenges through stakeholder engagement, quantitative analysis and design thinking to create opportunities with lasting impact.

Supercharging Consumer-Powered Climate Innovation

Driven by circular and regenerative principles our vision is to empower all consumers in the fight to reclaim our planet.


Designing beyond the building

We explore built spaces through real-time modelling to improve what we build and how we live.

The World's Most Rubbish

On a mission to make waste a thing of the past

A global community on a mission to make waste a thing of the past by transforming the circular economy into a mainstream business model that delivers value for everyone.


Embedding culture at the heart of brands.

Working closely with brands to understand their goals & deliver bespoke solutions across all mediums & channels.

Museum of the Mind

Improving the understanding of mental health

Bethlem Royal Hospital was founded in 1247 and was the first institution in the UK to specialise in the care of the mentally ill. Recording the lives and experiences, and celebrating the achievements of people with mental health problems.

If you’re a brand looking to realise the value of investing in something amazing, get in touch.